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DEC Advises Backcountry Visitors of Winter Conditions Throughout Most of the Adirondacks

The recent snowstorm provided great conditions for winter outdoor recreation in the Adirondack backcountry the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reports today. Backcountry visitors should be prepared with proper clothing and equipment for snow, ice and cold […]

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Rainbow Trout

Six Mile Waterworks Free Fishing Event to Kick Off Trout Season

And so it begins... On Monday, April 1st at 10 a.m., the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will stock Six Mile Waterworks with nearly 2,000

Hunting Inside Blinds

2012 Sets A New Record For Hunting Safety In New York

The 2012 New York hunting season had the lowest number of hunting-related shooting incidents on record, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced

Dive Into the Icy Waters with Local Polar Bears!

Okay, so…not real polar bears. In this case we mean those denizens of winter insanity known as the Polar Bear Clubs! Yeah, so, here’s a phenomenon that has always

Dam Tie-Up 2012

The Dam Tie-Up at the Conklingville Dam has become one of the most highly anticipated events of the summer on the Great Sacandaga Lake. I had such a

Sky & Mie on Jetski

Fun on the Lake – Summer 2012

Do you have a photo that you would like to share? Email it to and we will post it in our gallery!

Jetskiing with Skyler, Mieleigh &

Sunset over the Great Sacandaga Lake

Sacandaga Sunsets

We have received a ton of stunning sunset photos from our website visitors and Facebook fans! Thank you all for sharing these gorgeous images with the Great Sacandaga

Win a FREE Case of Wine From Route 30 Wine & Liquor

Celebrate Summer with a store sampler from Route 30 Wine & Liquor Depot! Enter to win this FREE case of wine

Independence Day 2012

There's always tons of fun activities going on Independence Day weekend, and this year was no exception! Here are some photos of the holiday's events. If you have

Great Sacandaga Lake photo taken near the Northville Bridge

The Great Sacandaga Lake

View from Near the Northville Bridge

Photo taken on July 19, 2012 by Sarah McDaniel-Austin
Looking North from

Northern Pike caught in Great Sacandaga Lake

Gone Fishing

We've seen some pretty impressive fish come out of the Great Sacandaga Lake, and we've got the photos to prove it! Thanks to everyone who shared pictures of

Transporting Firewood: What You Need To Know

Summer is in full swing, and for a lot of us, that means weekend camping trips. Many of us purchase firewood where we camp, but there are still

Fewer Patrols on the Sacandaga: Tell Us Your Thoughts

In an effort to save much needed funds, the Fulton County Sheriff's Department will be pulling their patrols of the Fulton County side of the Great Sacandaga

Jolly Roger Pirate Flag

Lake Pirates: Keeping Your Boat & Belongings Safe

Boating is one of the most popular summer activities in the Adirondacks and the Great Sacandaga Lake region. Thousands of people across New York State take their boats

4th of July Fireworks and Festivals Around the Great Sacandaga Lake 2012

What 4th of July celebration doesn't end in a fantastic fireworks display? We've put together a list of Independence Day events so you know where all the fun

State Record Brook Trout Caught in Hamilton County

Hey, all you fishermen: you've got a new record to beat! For the seventh time in eight years, the record for catching the largest brook trout in New

The Benefits of Raising Bees

A staggering fact most people do not know is that one-third of the food most people eat can be linked to the people known as “beekeepers.” Just as there

Enter to Win Our Memorial Day Giveaway!

Memorial Day marks the start of the Summer season, and that brings a lot of exciting things! Boating, swimming, hiking and fishing are among the many great activities

2012 Freshwater Fishing Season Kicks Into High Gear for The Great Sacandaga Lake

With catch and release Bass season already underway in some waters, freshwater fishing kicks into high gear on May 5 2012 for the Great Sacandaga Lake and New

Supermoon to Fill Our Sky This Weekend

The Moon has fascinated mankind down through the ages, firing up our imaginations, dreams and delighting curious sky watchers and

Adirondack Black Bear

Some Tips to Discourage Black Bear Encounters

With the onset of warmer weather, New York’s black bear population will be on the move. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has some helpful

Welcome Spring 2012!

So we have survived yet another Adirondack winter, one that by comparison was pretty mild in the snowfall department, but that aside, the sun and warmer weather sure

St. Patrick’s Day – Get Your Irish On

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day, the traditional Irish feast day which celebrates the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, a fifth-century missionary (thought to be of

NY State Ban On Residential Brush Burning

State Ban On Residential Brush Burning Begins March 16

All residential brush burning is prohibited in smaller communities during the state’s historically high fire-risk period from March 16 through May 14, state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

DEC Advises Backcountry Visitors on Winter Conditions

We know a lot of you have been eager to get out and enjoy some winter activities this season, only to be disappointed with warm weather and rain.

Walleye Ice Fishing Great Sacandaga

Ice Fishing

There are a lot of dedicated ice fishermen on the Great Sacandaga Lake, and no doubt its for the huge fish that can be bagged from the GSL's

DEC Proposes Changes to Fishing Regulations

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released the following proposed changes to freshwater fishing regulations. Lakes affected in our immediate area include Lake Pleasant and Sacandaga

Great Sacandaga Lake Ice Fishing. DEC 2012 Ice Fishing Regulations

New DEC Ice Fishing Regulations for 2012

As we plunge deeper into winter and the ice fishing season looms closer and closer, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have updated their Ice Fishing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To Our Readers!

It has been a fantastic if hectic first year for Sacandaga Life. We have grown leaps and bounds with the help of dedicated fans, local businesses, and Adirondack

10 Thanksgiving Tips

10 Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving

The time is here for turkey and all the wonderful side dishes, desserts, appetizers, college football and of course the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  Thanksgiving is a great

Fall – Planning Time for Seasonal Green

The idea of gardening in the fall or winter doesn’t seem too daunting if you live in California, Texas or maybe Florida.  But here in the Northeast, most

Fall Events Around the Great Sacandaga Lake

Autumn is here! The trees are bursting into color, and everywhere you turn you find apple cider and apple pie. As we trade our warm, sunny days of

GSLBA Dam Tie-Up 2011

Every year, the Great Sacandaga Lake Business Association (GSLBA) hosts a boat tie-up at the Conklingville Dam. This popular event draws hundreds of people, and it's always a

The Camp Hatchet – Adirondack MVP

While most campers and hikers consider the weight of most hatchets to be a major downside when considering the tool, when taking into consideration all the things it

ididaride! Adirondack Bike Tour 2010

August 2011 Events Highlights

Here's a preview of the major events going on in August. I'm going to include the last weekend in July as well, since there's a ton of things

camping 101 a beginners guide to roughing it

Camping 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Roughin’ It

Have you been thinking about getting away for a weekend with family or friends for a great camping adventure? Maybe you're hesitant because you feel unprepared and inexperienced.

Sacandaga Camping Checklist

Preparation is the key to making any camping trip successful, so we came up with a list of equipment and supplies for you to use as a guide

Farmers Markets – A Treasure of Local Goods!

Ah the great tradition returns!  Fresh, locally grown produce, hard-to-find items and unique gifts & treasures are something we all miss about the warmer months!  Here in the

Memorial Day – A Weekend of Remembrance

Most Americans take a break from the daily grind to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend by spending quality time with their families, whether it is a day out

Special Campground Rules for Memorial Day Weekend

For those of you going camping this Memorial Day weekend, please be aware of special campground rules that are observed at the DEC-operated campgrounds. The Memorial Day campground registration

Emeral Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer – Help Fight Infestation

The emerald ash borer, first discovered in New York in 2009, is an invasive insect that kills all types of ash trees. Five counties in Western New

If You Care, Leave It There

DEC Advises: Do Not Disturb Fawns and Other Young Wildlife

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today reminded New Yorkers to keep their distance and not

Wolves in the Adirondacks

Over 100 years ago, it was believed that wolves had completely disappeared from the Adirondacks. In 2002, an animal was killed by a hunter who thought he had

Mosquitoes & Black Flies: Adirondack Buzz Kill!

In the Adirondacks, as with many forested regions of the country, nothing can spoil outdoor fun like the onslaught of biting insects.  In our region, mosquitoes and black

North American Beaver

The North American Beaver: Engineer of the Adirondacks

Perhaps among the most iconic mammals in the Northeast, famous for its ecological impact, uniquely identifying features, and its characteristic habitat, is the North American Beaver – the

Ultimate Spring Rival: Dirty Dog Paws vs. Clean Carpets

Spring. The mere mention of the word conjures images of green grass, fresh blooming daffodils, and budding leaves. Gentle breezes carry the songs of newly returned birds through

10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Let’s face it; there is a downside to winter loosening its grip on the landscape.  The return of the sun highlights the trouble spots in your home’s exterior,

The Eastern Cougar: Extinction or Myth

Despite wild and popular myth pertaining to sightings of this impressive feline in our region, the surprising fact is that the Eastern Cougar (Puma concolor cougar) has not

Adirondack black bear

Black Bears in the Adirondacks

Perhaps one of the most distinct and famous creatures in all of the Adirondack animal kingdom is the majestic, often curious, somewhat cantankerous, and altogether imposing Black Bear! With

Spring Gardening – Planning Your Summer Vegetable Garden

Spring gardening can be a great way to get the whole family involved in a fun project that will provide the opportunity for hours of together

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Landslide on North Shore Road

Two Hadley residents were sent to the hospital on Friday night after a landslide on North Shore Road near the Conklingville Dam. The road collapsed beneath the couple

spring flowers in the Adirondacks

Spring Comes to the Great Sacandaga!

In a few days, the official 1st day of spring will be upon us, and for many people, spring means, what else, spring-cleaning!  But once you’ve dusted the

Red Fox

Adirondack Wildlife Series: The Red Fox

Ever wonder where the word “vixen” comes from?  In fact, a vixen is a female fox.  There are a few species of fox that call the Adirondacks home. 

Wet Basement? Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry

One thing a homeowner never wants to see is a flooded basement. Those in the upstate New York area understand moisture can be a problem year round. The

Pair of Northern Cardinals

Adirondack Wildlife Series: The Northern Cardinal

Perhaps one of the most sought-after visitors to our backyard bird feeders – especially in winter – is the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis). The male cardinal is the larger

The Last Snowfall

It’s a fanciful notion, particularly after an especially long winter, the last snowfall of the season.  We are so accustomed by this point to the bitter cold and

Woman turns on fireplace for warmth

How to Lower Your Winter Heating Bill

Even though at this point we may be looking more toward spring, there are a few weeks left yet of winter.  And with unrest in the Middle East

Bobcat (Lynx Rufus)

Adirondack Wildlife Series: Bobcat

Roughly twice the size of a normal housecat, the wild bobcat is most distinguishable by its long tufts of fur along its cheeks and black-tipped ears.  This adorable

Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobiling Safety Tips

Ah winter!  Snow in the North Country certainly brings its share of headaches, especially for drivers! Yet thousands of upstate New Yorkers and members of

North American River Otter - Lutra Canadensis

Adirondack Wildlife Series: North American River Otter

For our nature lovers, Sacandaga Life is exploring a new feature in our daily blog; presenting our Adirondack Wildlife Series!  In this series, we will highlight animal or

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching you may be wondering what to get your special someone this year to celebrate your love.  Well, we’ve thought of that too! Here

Win a Couple’s Photo Shoot from Sawicki Studios

Ahh, love is in the air this week! We've decided to come up with a little something in celebration of Valentine's Day. One lucky couple in the Sacandaga

Keeping Fit in Winter

Let’s face it; it’s a lot harder to focus on physical fitness when you’re facing heavy snow, school cancellations, dark, cloudy days and hibernation from the cold.  The

The Adirondacks: Majesty of the Northeast

Did you know? New York’s Adirondacks region encompasses over six million acres in 11 counties and is the larger than the state of Vermont! In fact,

Attracting and Feeding Birds in the Winter

Though most of us rarely venture farther than our own yards to go bird watching, it’s enough for us to spend significant amounts of money each year equipping

Winter Fun for Kids!

As any parent knows, a bored kid is a handful! And with the tendency of families to hibernate in winter, it’s easy to get in the “ho

Anglers on Ice: Sacandaga Ice Fishing

In January, when the sky turns steel gray, snow starts falling and the frigid temperatures force you indoors, winter can start to feel never-ending and at times a

Sacandaga Winter Family Fun Giveaway

What a wonderful two weeks we've just had! We waited patiently, and we've finally gotten all the snow we've been waiting for. And how beautiful all that snow

New York UFOs, Aliens and X-Files, oh my!

Ever look out your window at night and see something in the sky that you just can't explain?  New York is no stranger to UFO sightings, especially in

Local Theatre; Community Gems (Part II)

In part I of our local theater series, we showcased The Glove Theatre, and in continuation of local theater in the Sacandaga area, we

The Meebo Bar

Some of you may have been wondering, "So, what's that thing at the bottom of my screen?" The bar that appears on every page of this website is

The Glove Theatre; a Community Gem

Ah the theater!  Who doesn’t love spending an evening at a play or musical?  …Okay, okay, so maybe it’s not for everyone.  But for those of us who

Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad

Since the invention of the steam locomotive, America has had a love affair with trains. In fact, the historic Sacandaga Park owes much of its nostalgic past not just

The Sacandaga Valley: A Look Back

The word “Sacandaga” derives from the language of the Mohawk peoples meaning “the land of waving grass” – ironic when weighed against the fact that the whole region,

The Great Sacandaga Lake: a History

Did you know?  …Stretching 29 miles spanning Fulton, Saratoga and Hamilton counties and boasting 125 miles of shoreline, the Great Sacandaga Lake is a man-made reservoir!  It

Sacandaga Lake: "The Atlantis of the Adirondacks"

Sacandaga Park: The ‘Atlantis of the Adirondacks’

To begin our look at the history and heritage of the Great Sacandaga Lake, and the Sacandaga Valley before it, we look today at some of the

The Adirondacks and Great Sacandaga Lake In Literature

The Adirondacks and Great Sacandaga Lake in Literature

The advantage of living life in one of the most picturesque regions of upstate New York is being a part of truly rich literary heritage. The beauty and pace

Battling the Winter Blues

Battling the Winter Blues

Old Man Winter can be a mighty foe!  It’s no secret that winters in the great northeast are harsh, to say the least!  With temperatures dipping sometimes into 2GB iPod Shuffle Winner Announced!

2GB iPod Shuffle Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Alicia Rayome-Simpson , the Facebook holiday giveaway winner! Alicia won a brand new 2GB iPod Shuffle from simply by

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We are bursting with excitement at the re-launch of the new So much so, that we are giving away a free 2GB iPod shuffle to a to

Putting the 'Great' in Great Sacandaga Lake!

Putting the ‘Great’ in Great Sacandaga Lake!

Drum roll please!  Ring out the news, string up some lights! …Someone find some confetti and ticker tape!  We’re back folks!  …Back, and better than ever! It’s here!  It’s