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Boy and Girl canoeingBoating on the Great Sacandaga Lake is a favorite pastime of those who live and vacation in the Sacandaga Lake area. The Sacandaga Lake offers miles of shoreline that includes coves, river and stream inlets, views of the Adirondack Mountains and much more. The Great Sacandaga offers many opportunities for recreation as well. Fishing, sailing, skiing, tubing, and wake boarding are just a few.

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Important Need To Knows…

Both the Northville Bridge and Batchellerville Bridge are considered No Wake Zones

Sacandaga Lake Terrain

Although the majority of the lake’s bottom is flat, there are natural and man made characteristics. Because the lake was created by flooding areas of surrounding towns, you will find Rock walls, tree stumps and old foundations and other underwater features. Jimapco prints a great waterproof map of the Great Sacandaga lake that is perfect for boaters.

Navigation Rules

Overtaking – Passing: The boat being passed has the Right of Way. Keep clear of the other boat.
Meeting Head On: Keep to the right.
Crossing: The boat on the right has the Right of Way. Slow down and allow it to pass.

Buoys & Markers

When the Sacandaga Lake is at its higher water levels you can navigate almost anywhere without problems. However, to be safe, it is very important to ride between all red and green channel markers.

Buoys are important safety features on the lake and are no different than traffic signals or signs on the road. They must be obeyed and all persons boating on the lake should be familiar with the types of buoys and markers to enjoy the Sacandaga safely.

Channel Markers

Red Channel Markers: Leave buoy to Starboard (right), meaning, do not pass between the buoy and the shore.
Green Channel Markers: Leave buoy to Port (left), meaning, do not pass between the buoy and the shore.

Orange & White Buoys

Sacandaga lake controlled area buoy Controlled Area: A white buoy with an orange circle, this is a controlled area that does not allow any fishing or anchoring as well as other restrictions like no wake zone, speed limit restriction, no water skiiing or only water skiing allowed in the area.
Sacandaga lake boaters keep out buoyBoaters Keep Out!: A white buoy with an orange diamond with an X in the center. This buoy may contain written description of the danger including, dams, rapids, swim areas etc.
Sacandaga lake Danger buoyDanger!: A white buoy with an orange diamond. This buoy may contain written description of the danger that may include shallow areas, rocks, stumps etc.
Sacandaga lake information buoyInformational: A white buoy with an orange square. This buoy will contain information like directions, distances, names of place or other information.

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